With 33 years of in-depth experience, Lawayne Matthies’ Mystery Designs is no stranger to building superior trikes and solid, innovative motorcycle modifications.

Matthies re-joined the Trike industry after extensive experience in motorcycle modifications, such as the Captain American bikes sponsored by Peter Fonda, as well as models designed after the bikes in the 1969 movie Easy Rider.  Lawayne developed the panhead rockerbox covers sold by Xzotic cycle products (his former company), which were featured in numerous 1998/99 European publications, and his work has been featured in multiple magazines including (but by no means limited to) Hot Bike Magazine, Easy Rider Magazine, American Iron magazine, and Freeway magazine. Matthies’ parts and equipment have experienced large distribution through Chrome Specialties and Biker's Choice, and he has made made many appearances on the Speed Channel.  He also designed the Tiltster tilting trike.

Lawayne founded Mystery Designs in 2000 because no company in the trike marketplace had ever offered a suspension system tailored to high speed cornering and ride control.  With the help of a Nascar engineer, Mystery Designs was able to develop an answer: a Double A Arm fully-independent suspension.

Mystery Designs has since been testing this suspension system, putting it through vigorous abuse in real world tests. The suspension has proven true, demonstrating no failure in any way.  

Since perfecting the suspension kit Mystery Designs has continued with developing the over-engineered systems/materials throughout:  356-T6 aluminum castings, 6061 billet aluminum, 1018 cold rolled steel, grade #8 bolts, aircraft quality rod ends, Wilwood 4 piston racing caliper and 13x3/8” rotor, automotive CV joints, Dana 28/30 gear-sets. The Aluminum A Arms are one and a half inches thick, and 3/8-inch plate is used for the main frame. These solid materials are bolted together with high quality grade 8 bolts. 13-inch Wilwood Brakes are used for superior stopping power. The unique design is completed with progressive air shocks that allow an entirely new spectrum of stability and ride control.

With our commitment to quality and craftsmanship, we offer a lifetime warranty on our parts with full replacement.  We at Mystery Designs believe that our suspension, parts and service are far superior than anything else on the market. We think you will too.